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What is Formula SAE?

"Formula SAE" is an international competition organized by the Society of Automotive Engineers in 9 locations around the world, distributed in 8 countries (two in USA, Germany, Australia, Austria, Italy, UK, Brazil and Japan).

The objective of the competition is to challenge engineering students to design and manufacture a high performance racecar and to compete with more than 475 of the best universities in the world. The competition consists of different events: Presentation event, Cost Report, Business Plan, Design Event, Technical Inspection, and Dynamic Tests in which the vehicle’s performance is tested.

Our history...


In June 2010, UNAM Motorsports debuts in the competition “Formula SAE”, which took place in the Auto Club Speedway on Fontana, California. During the event, the team had an outstanding performance getting the 26th place overall, becoming the best Latin-American team, and fulfilling the goals set at the beginning of its career: to be the best Mexican participant and gain the Rookie Award (William C. Rookie Award).


In 2011, we participate for the second time, obtaining the awards of: best Mexican team, second most powerful car and getting the 42th place out of 84 of the best universities of the world.


For 2012, the competition moves to “Lincoln Airpark” in Nebraska, USA. The team is consolidated as the best Mexican team for third consecutive year and as the second best Latin-American team, the car is also recognized as one of the most aesthetics.


In June of 2013, UNAM Motorsports participates for the fourth consecutive year in “Formula SAE” and keeps recognition of being the best Mexican team during the competition, obtaining some important achievements such as 6th in Cost Report, second best Latin-American team, participating for second time in its history in all the Dynamic Events.


In 2014, the team remains as the best Mexican team and reaches the 336th in the global ranking, besides they start to implement new technologies, manufacturing processes, and materials.


In 2015, the team remains as the best Mexican team and second best Latin-American team, it also gets the 3rd place in Cost Report, 11th place in Presentation Event, and there was a marked improvement in Static Events.


In 2016, the team remains as the best Mexican team obtaining some important achievements like Top 20 in Static Events and participation in Dynamic Events.


On October 16, 2016, we announced the registration in the 2017 Lincoln competition, participating this time in the electric prototype modality, the first Mexican car in the event. Its design  based on  the chassis of last season, only redesigning the section of the power train for the components of the electrical system. The result was a 17th place in the competition, where its design and its solidity in the static tests were highlighted, but not in the dynamics.

On April 25, 2017 its registration was announced in two more competitions for the internal combustion prototype, in Formula Student Austria 2017 (in Red Bull Ring, Spielberg) and Formula SAE Italia 2017 (in Autodromo Varano, Parma), the first Mexican car competing in Europe. It is the first car of the team to have a complete aerodynamic package, in addition to a relative reduction in weight (similar weight, but more pieces) compared to the previous prototype. The result in Italy was a place 37, while in Austria it was ranked 31.

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