Experiences from ex-members

David Barrera


Formula SAE represents one of the most enriching experiences of my life. The opportunity of coordinating a work team contributing with planning, determination, and a lot of enthusiasm rewarded in my knowledge that the team left in me, about how challenges are dreamt, enjoyed and built together. Right now I am studying in Southampton University, England in the Race Car Aerodynamics program where knowledge about Formula vehicles and team work abilities acquired in Formula SAE are invaluable.



Antonio Colchado


Formula SAE is one of the most grateful memories over the years in the Engineering Faculty. Lessons learned about designing a racecar can be summed up firstly as the opportunity of recognizing the potential that students have to achieve their goals. Secondly, it is an academic project that promotes the development of leadership aptitudes. Formula SAE is a project that helped me understood that a group of people is called a team when conviction and tenacity impulse them to achieve a common goal, and planning dictates when they will make it.

I am currently working as a Field Engineer in Schlumberger CTS. My work has given me the opportunity to travel and reside abroad, get to know many cultures y being part of a transdisciplinary team with people from different countries.



Ismael Ayala

Participating in FSAE was a very enriching experience which taught  me concepts of engineering, team work, management and organization. Besides, it let me put into practice everything I learned during the major, with which I acquired a bigger trust with my knowledge. It showed me the importance of being constant and the value of finding your own road. All this prepared me to play a better role in the industry.

I have confirmed that it did the same with my teammates and I am convinced that this project will continue to form integral engineers. Right now, I am working as a Virtual Design Engineer for Ford Motor Company.



Isaac Contreras


It is really hard to express how important was Formula SAE for me in a few words. Being part of a team with more than 20 members was by far, the most exciting memory during my time in the Engineering Faculty, it is probably the most important project of the Engineering Faculty of U.N.A.M. FSAE challenges students, who are required to put into practice everything they have learned during classes and to develop other professional abilities which are going to be compared to students from all over the world. This project does not only create good engineers, but also professionals who are motivated to not limit their ordinary formation. In summary, FSAE is a good opportunity to link the industry with the students, but, mostly to generate Engineering Leaders.

I am currently working in a consulting firm in North America where I get to put into practice my experience in Formula SAE as Team Captain.



Luis Rivero


Formula SAE was an unimaginable experience, full of memories which were very enriching in many ways for me. I learned about team work, management, organization, planning, problem solving, perseverance, among others. I had the opportunity to compete and meet other teams and cultures, they give different solutions to the same problems, and I had challenges that widened my expectations of what it is beyond the classroom. Also, the project let me get to know many people who ended becoming very close friends.

I am currently majoring an exchange semester in Friedrich Alexander Universität, Germany, and I worked for Chrysler Mexico as a scholar in the area of calibration of combustion engines.

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