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Who are we?

UNAM Motorsports has the philosophy of “Learning by Doing”, where it is intended to put in practice the theory seen in class. The engineers and designers acquire a wide experience in terms of teamwork, design, innovation and manufacture.


UNAM Motorsports is a team formed by students from the Engineering Faculty and Industrial Design of the Maximum House of Studies in Mexico, who seek an integral development of their members, applying and generating knowledge in a multidisciplinary project designing, manufacturing and testing a racecar to lift up the name of U.N.A.M and Mexico, putting their selves’ in the first places of international competitions.


To be a race team in the Top 5 of every competition we participate in, continuing with the development of an Internal Combustion Car and an Electric Car, competing in at least two series, having our own infrastructure, innovation and the creation of new systems and getting exclusive spaces for the team, being an example for any other team and for the students of U.N.A.M.

Support us

UNAM Motorsports is possible thanks to the people and companies who have believed in this project and who have put their trust and interest in us. Along the way of being one of the best Formula SAE teams we look for new day technology, developing and innovating in terms of engineering. We invite you to be part of our history, supporting us in this road, investing in Mexican talent.


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